Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Views

I have to say I love fall, many of you know it's my favorite time of year, but I really love where we live in fall.  First, it's always a surprise how early a freeze affects the garden.  We know it could happen, yet we are never ready.  This year it was the first week of September!  But that freeze was followed with possibly the most perfect September ever, so all is forgiven.

This post is about the views we have.  Of course they are the same views we have all year around, but the direction of the sun and the clouds in fall really make me notice our surroundings even more.  I've found myself wanting to take pictures of the sky and hills lately.

The following picture is something I see every time I drive through town.  The sky on this particular day is a sky I heard a friend refer to once as a "toy story" sky.  I love that term.  It's so blue with perfect clouds, almost like it's fake.

The next sky is a rare cloudy day of the same mountains.

And following is a picture from this past Sunday as I worked in the garden I share with a good friend.  I am very jealous of the view from her backyard and enjoy it as much as possible when working in the garden.  Sunday was the perfect fall day for outside work and I took full advantage of it, working in our yard and both gardens, including getting the shallots and garlic planted for next year!

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