Sunday, October 10, 2010

French Fries

Yes, you heard me right I made homemade steak fries tonight.  No, I didn't fry them - no, I don't even own a fryer.  That may be the only kitchen tool I have no desire to own.  But, they were pretty good.

A friend dropped by some potatoes from her garden and two of them made great steak fries tonight.  The key to baked fries is patience.... I find cooking in general is a good way for me to practice patience, and since that is an area I always have to practice..... well it's good I like cooking!

In addition to patience, don't skimp too much on the oil and don't cut them too thick.  A trick I've found is to microwave the bowl of fries just a little, I did 30 seconds, stir, and another 30 seconds.  This just seems to start the cooking in the middle, the danger of a hot oven is it can cook the outside of your homemade fries before the inside is done.  Then I baked them at 400 degrees for almost 1/2 hour.  Turn as needed and be patient! 

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