Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Kindle Cover

I became the owner of a kindle last week at our company's sales meeting.  And, since I'm not teaching right now and don't feel overwhelmed, apparently that brings out the crafty side.  I decided, I could make a cover instead of spending money on one.  So, Sunday I pulled out my old fabrics and the sewing machine and found some foam.  It's not as perfect as some I've seen online, but it works!  Please forgive the dark pictures.  I just need to accept the dining room is not a good place to take pictures.

First, I measured my kindle and added an inch all the way around, I wasn't going to make a closure so I wanted it to fit tightly so it wouldn't fall out.  I cut 4 pieces of fabric and 2 foam pieces that were slightly smaller than the actual kindle.

I used some soft green flannel and brown corduroy.

Next, I pinned together a flannel and corduroy piece, right sides together and sewed three sides.  I trimmed the corners a little bit and turned them right side out.

I inserted the foam pieces, then sewed the three sides, including the top.  The bottom didn't need reinforcement.

The trickiest part of this little project is this piece.  I then pinned together my two sides, right sides out.  I was going to put the flannel on the inside, but thought it would be more fun to have one side flannel and one side corduroy.  I sewed the sides and bottom together.  This was tricky because with the foam on each side it was thick and I was really trying to hit just the edges.  But I got it to work and my kindle fits nice and snug.  

Not the prettiest seam jobs, but my kindle is safe, warm, and in a soft place that can be stuck in a backpack or purse.  I've already downloaded two books and charged it for an upcoming flight.  What else will I make during this break from two jobs?

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