Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paris Day Seven

As you can guess, we slept in a bit this morning after getting home at 2 AM.  We started the Museum tour today.  We had purchased a six day pass called "The Paris Pass".  This pass starts the day we first used it and we wanted to wait until after yesterday's holiday.  The pass not only gets us into museums and sites, but lets us bi pass the lines in many places.  It was gray and rainy again today, a good day for museums!

This afternoon we started the Pass at the Musee d'Orsay.  Many museums don't allow pictures inside, and most of you know my penchant for following the rules, so don't be surprised if there are no pictures of the insides of museums.  Orsay is located in the railway station built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.  It's a beautiful building and it had very good exhibits of many impressionist painters, including Monet, Manat, and Renoir.    There was also a large Degas exhibit.  The following sculptures were outside of the Musee d'Orsay.

After Orsay, we walked to the Rodin Museum.  I really enjoyed the sculptures of Rodin.  The museum was in an 18th century mansion with beautiful gardens.  This museum didn't mind pictures, they just asked that you didn't use a flash.

Here's the quiz part of our day.  What kinds of flowers are these, that are found in the gardens of Rodin's Museum?


Some of my favorite Rodin sculptures include:  The Thinker

The Kiss

The Cathedral

On our way home we had a cup of tea and shared the below beautiful cake at a local cafe.  The cake was wonderful.  Kim and I are both enjoying the pastries and sweets and part of it is, they aren't so sweet!  They don't seem to use near as much sugar.  This wonderful butter cake had a tart yogurt sauce over it that was ideal.

I best not forget our stop at Pierre Marcolini on the way home.  We obtained a small box of macaroons and some orangettes.  Mmmmm, the macaroons are yummy.  They come in many flavors.  They flavors I chose were Lemon tea, Cassis, Pistachio, Chocolate covered Violet, and chocolate.  So far Lemon Tea is my favorite.  They colorful macaroons are everywhere in Paris and they were easy to resist until we realized how amazing they are.  They are soft and a little gooey in the middle and crisp around the outside.

Tonight we just snacked for dinner on some fruit, hummus and a small raisin and hazelnut baguette from the bread place downstairs.  Perfect followed by Macaroons!  With all this gorgeous food people wonder how Parisians stay slim.  It's called movement!   Everyone is walking and biking everywhere.  Even if you take the metro, there is a lot of walking within the metro stations and above ground.  So I'll leave you today with that thought - movement!

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