Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brief Garden Update

Even though it is still warm, I would perhaps say too warm, I am solidly in the fall mind set. 

First the garden, I'm sure there are more fall garden posts coming, but August really is the best time in our garden and this year because of the unseasonably late warm weather, September is pretty great also.  We have not had a frost yet!  Now many of you may think, ummm, it's only September 28th... so?  But, since I've lived here, we have always had frost, not only by now, but probably weeks ago!  Below is a brief peak at our bounty.  Look at those beautiful carrots!  Oops, that zucchini got a little crazy, but it tasted good! The bounty includes, green and red cabbage and two types of cucumbers!  On this day I also washed a big bag of kale and a bag of swiss chard - mmmmmmmmmm.

We are very untrusting of these temperatures and will probably take the tomatoes out of the garden this weekend to ripen inside.  We've also already pulled all the shallots and garlic ... they are happily drying on newspaper in the garage.

I leave you with the amazing view of Rocky Mountain National Park from the Estes Park YMCA.  I recently attended the Yoga Journal conference here for 4 days and every day looked like this, some with less clouds.  What an amazing 4 days, I hope to return next year.  In addition, there were patches of yellow color throughout the hills to enjoy as we walked between our cabin and the yoga sessions.  All that fresh air and those breathing exercises mean I am very alert this week!

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