Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Kitchen

I've had this post ready for a week, but I've had problems getting my pictures off the phone.  It's always something, isn't it?  Are you ready to see the new kitchen?  It's pretty cool.  While we didn't change the layout, the height of the counter tops is perfect and I could purr over the new sinks and faucets.

These pictures aren't great, but you'll get the idea.  This is the view from the patio door end of the dining room.  The whole upstairs has been repainted.  The back accent wall is called Spiced Ginger.  Isn't that a nice color?  The fridge will be the next thing to be replaced.

The view from the living room end of the dining room.  We raised all counters a little over two inches and replaced the laminate counters with quartz.  The sitting island in the right side of the picture was also extended.  It needed more width.  The stools are on order!

The view from the hallway entry to the kitchen.  After raising all the counters, we raised the upper cabinets so they are a traditional 18" up from the counter top and we put in this amazing under cabinet lighting.  The lighting is so cool and the electrician did a great job.  One switch turns on all the under counter lighting in the kitchen.

Could I be more spoiled with two big sinks?  Following is the new sink under the window.  This is my vegetable prepping sink and it tends to hold the rinsed out coffee pot, since that is set right next to it.  We love the faucets we chose.  The handle pulls out and the sprayer works perfectly.  Plus, they are the perfect height for getting pots under them, but not too high, so they don't splash water all over.  Next to the faucet you see the dish detergent, hand soap, and the button for the disposal.

This is the dish washing sink and I had no idea how much we would love it!  You can fit a large cookie sheet flat in the bottom of this sink and it's much deeper than it looks in the picture.  That means it holds whatever you want and the water doesn't splash all over as you try to maneuver a large cookie sheet or cutting board in a smaller sink while rinsing it off!  Say it with me, Ohhhhh Ahhhhhhh.

I have the feeling a common piece of this blog is going to be "Views from the Kitchen Window", since I love my views so much.  We'll end this little blog post with my view this morning which has finally turned to winter!  The skies are clearing as I type and I'm sure I'll have to take another picture soon.

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