Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Cherry Pie

Well it's a competition every year between us and the birds.  The last couple years they have been especially greedy!  We are willing to share the cherries, but they want to eat all of them!  Last year they did.  We left one weekend and thought , hmm, we'll have to pick cherries when we get back they are just about right.  We got back 2 1/2 days later and there was not ONE cherry left on the tree!  And this is a prolific tree!

Just RUDE!  This year is almost as bad, but Joe and I managed to get enough for one pie this morning and I have a mere 2 1/2 cups safe in the freezer.  It is definitely noticeable I have not been baking as many pies lately, this pie isn't as pretty as previous pies.  But it tasted pretty darn good!
The picture is dark, sorry.  I used the organic, unrefined, unbleached sugar and I was a little worried, but the flavor was good - no complaints from the guests either.  Great fresh cherry flavor. 

I admit we are feeling a little nasty toward the birds..... my willingness to share is ebbing.

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