Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on the Hubby

Well, this is the event that will stop me from blogging to myself, since it seems like the easiest way to share these fun pictures right now.  So here we go.... I'll try to post more than once a week ....

It was a fun visit to the Doctor today, of course tied in with voting.  Below is the x-ray of the outside of the ankle, how fun will the airport metal detectors be now!

Next up is the ankle itself.  I must say it wasn't pretty close up.  First is the inside of the right ankle and second is the outside of the right ankle, the outside is the bigger incision.  Pretty colors!  But they all assured us it is healing well and looked good....

And now we are in a stylin' cast and shoe.  They were worried the shoe wouldn't be big enough as they ordered one special for his large feet. But as you can see it's big enough so we can also get a view of the dying toenails from last ski season.  :)
And now we begin at least 4 weeks in the cast, still no weight on the foot the whole time, only to balance if need be... The cast will come off mid-September and then recovery begins.


  1. As the owner of mangled limb in these photographs I can't express my full appreciation for having you working from home now. I can only imagine how helpless I look (6'6" - 220 lbs) trying to get around on crutches. Christine, you couldn't be a more loving, positive, or supportive caregiver. I do love you so.

  2. Awwwww . . . Joe's comment is so sweet!
    Christine - I've enjoyed your blog so far.