Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Backpacking in the Winds

Well I spent this past weekend in the mountains.  It was a much needed break from technology and the house.  We went into the Boulder Lake Trailhead in the Wind River Range of mountains and did a 22 mile circle.  Initially we were planning a longer hike, but I'm so glad we didn't try to prove we could do it and instead did a very doable hike and had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beauty, and read a little, not just watch the path in front of our feet!  There were lots of lakes and good views and plenty of wildflowers left.

I must say, this is my first backpacking trip without Joe - yes - ever! I was very proud of myself for not tearing the tent or losing any gear.  Joe is the fastidious one, when it comes to gear.  :)  And the luxury of a whole tent to oneself ... well I did enjoy it.  :)

The first tent I have ever had to carry, put up, and take down by myself! 
This was my camp spot on night one at Chris Lake.

Next, you can see Lorna and I the next morning with Chris Lake far behind us.

Next is Lovatt Lake, this was on Monday on the way out.  It was a lovely lake,
but this was as close as we got to it.

And here I am back in front of the computer.....

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