Friday, September 24, 2010

It's been a long week

Lots of driving and working were done this week, but it's all good once I get to sleep in my own bed and I have the spoils from "big city" shopping put away.  Above is the view of the full moon setting over the mountains at about 6:30 AM from my hotel room in Denver this week, so glad my bleary eyes, trying to catch up with work and email, looked up!

Just to share, the highlight of my Denver trip was the amazing Whole foods.  I so yearn for a store like that locally. I don't want to deal with the traffic every day, but I wish those stores would come to me!   For dinner Wed night I was in my hotel room with the following:
  • A wonderful local brew (IPA of course) from CO.
  • A roasted yellow beet salad with arugula.
  • The whole foods super salad (kale, blueberries, tomatoes, and a light lemon/oil dressing) - I could eat this every day!
  • Oh, and some cauliflower curry and spinach tofu saag (indian).
  • So many vegetables and flavors so little time....
I got home about 9:30 PM Thursday night and hit the ground running this morning so needless to say about 2 PM, I was thinking, what am I going to do for dinner.  I haven't defrosted anything, so no meat.... hmmmm.  I'm pretty happy with my creation.  In the fridge I had a dish of slow roasted tomatoes and garlic from Monday night, I have my wonderful fall greens growing hearty on the deck; plus I had a sweet onion and some zucchini from the farmers market in Denver - who doesn't always have toasted walnuts and feta?  And then I remembered the piece d'resistance - fresh whole wheat lemon chive pasta I bought in Denver.

Let's call this a Roasted Vegetable Lemon Chive Pasta.  I washed the fresh greens , squeezed some fresh lemon juice and cracked some fresh pepper on them and grilled a couple small zucchini and sweet onion slices.  Then I layered: Greens, topped with pasta (mixed w/roasted tomatoes), topped with onions and zucchini, topped with roasted walnuts and feta cheese.  So loved this, if I were single I fear I would just eat vegetables all day long.. mostly roasted, but often raw. 

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