Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time for Soup

While I know there are some, a very few, out there who don't understand the joys of soup.....yep, we know who you are.....this is for those that do.

It's one of those weeks (will it ever end) and this bowl of soup did make me feel a little better at lunch today.  I of course, don't have a recipe to share, but it's just a basic vegetable soup.  Pull a container of homemade chicken broth out of the freezer and rummage around to gather all the vegetables you desire, in this one, fresh corn, shredded zucchini, shredded swiss chard cabbage, tomatoes and it goes without saying onion and garlic.  Then I noticed that I still had some of the Whole Wheat Lemon Chive pasta, which I broke into very small pieces and added.  Mmmmm, and don't skimp on yourself when heating up a quick bowl of soup.  Top it with some fresh shredded parmesan, fresh chopped parsley, picked from the garden, and some cracked pepper because that's what makes it special!

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