Friday, June 3, 2011

The Beginning of a WY Growing Season

I will end this week with some pictures showing where our landscape is as of June 3, 2011.  Everything is late this year, the lilacs on our street aren't blooming yet, but finally this week the trees really moved forward and I took the yard and garden seriously. 

The cherry tree off our deck is in bloom, but the big question is, will we beat the birds to the cherries this year?

Around the corner of the house, we have an apple and cherry tree blooming right next to each other.

I spent some time outside this week.  I have some deck planters done, but I bring them in every night, will I get to stop that next week?

I'm desperate in this desert environment and trying every method I can to grow vegetables.  The big garden at my friend's is planted.  The problem is our last frost date is still over a week off.  So while we haven't killed anything, it's not really moving forward either.  Below are 2 earthboxes I've planted with squash and cucumbers, we'll see how they do.  I've been covering them each night with upside down plastic bins; they seem to like the cover. Yep, that is the sunniest spot in the yard!

The garlic and shallots continue to do well, and you can't see it yet in the picture, but mint and chocolate mint are taking over the left side of this top bed.  Hey, whatever will grow in that shady spot, I'll take it!

In the bottom bed of my little corner garden I have herbs, kale, lettuce, carrots, radishes, chard, and marigolds planted.  Will it get enough sun? Only time will tell.  This is a mid-morning picture, but it will get a good 4 hours of sun early afternoon at least for the next month.

As the growing season begins, so does the flooding.  The snow in the mountains is finally starting to melt and flooding locations are being discussed in every news report.  The next couple weeks should be interesting.

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