Monday, November 15, 2010


It was a lovely visit to La Jolla last week. But to be fair, it started out lovely.

What is that a picture of you ask?  Leg room ... glorious leg room.  There was no seat in front of me!  Nobody putting his/her seat back into my knees.  Take note everyone, that is someone else's space or knee caps you are impinging on when you put your seat back.  On the flight to Tampa, I stood for two hours, bless those kind flight attendants, because my legs were literally cramping after one hour of my knees hard against his seat.  Apparently, he needed that space more than me, so I kindly just got up and stood, so he wouldn't have to sleep with my knees in his back.  That apparently brought me good karma, as I easily obtained exit rows both ways on this trip. Karma rocks!  Well, except between Rock Springs and Denver, but if you've been on those planes, you'll understand that it's just easier to sit with legs in the isle on those planes, in all the seats!

The conference was nonstop from Wed - Sat Noon, but I did manage in that time to eat some great food, all of it seafood, either in the raw sushi form or the Bouillabaisse form. Then Saturday afternoon, those of us not flying out till Sunday, went down to the beach, for the whole afternoon, we successfully alternated between the beach and beer. 

Yes, a perfect afternoon and early evening.

It is the beginning of a very different, but still beautiful week here.  I'll leave you with a picture that, while it does not show the amazing blue sky that is outside my window, does show our unmarked driveway.  Covered in snow with no place to go.  It's going to be a great winter!

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