Saturday, August 3, 2013

Morsels of Mindful Living

Morsels of Mindful Living will be an ongoing post on this blog.  To me, to be mindful is to be in the present with a  kind, open, curious, and non-judgmental attention.

I hope you enjoy these posts.

Driving up the hill toward town I go faster than normal, I'm late and I don't like being late.  Coming around a curve I quickly come upon a car going 30 in this 45 mph zone.  I step on the brakes and immediately turn to anger, then I pause... not immediately, but within a few thoughts before we reach the top of the hill, I pause...

I feel ...

My jaw is clenched, my neck is tense, my fingers tap impatiently on the steering wheel.
My foot is moving quickly between the brake and the gas, as if that will help move along the person in front of me.
My stomach is even tightening.

I take a deep breath.

I feel ...

The cool breeze as it enters the window from this much appreciated end of July cool spell.
My shoulders, stomach, and neck slowly relax.
My foot settles patiently on the floor.

I smell...

The moistness in the air from the recent rain, our first rain in almost a month and it's been raining since yesterday.  Lovely.
The rain has brought out the smell of the sage and lilies that I pass.  The smell moves through the window with the cool breeze.

I hear...
A dog bark.
The growl of a lawn mower.
My car quiet as I reach the top of the hill and the engine switches to full electric mode.

I feel...
Thankful to that car for being my much needed "mindful reminder" so when I do get to my appointment I'll be present and able to focus on the person I'm meeting.

Disclaimer: This picture was taken on our road, at a stop, with no other traffic.

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