Thursday, December 16, 2010

Deja Vu

I'm going to post an update to Joe's August post regarding breaking his ankle.  Our week started out at the hospital 8 AM Monday for the second surgery on Joe's foot.  This surgery took out all his hardware and unfortunately, also found some tears in the tendon by his ankle, right where he'd been having pain and swelling.  This is good because everything is out of the ankle and the Dr. sewed up the tendon tears, everything can heal now.  This is challenging for Joe because he was ready to be done and fixed.

 Joe is back in a cast for 3 weeks and on crutches. The Dr. compromised and said he could start putting some weight on it in a few days and work down from two crutches to one, but he still needed to go in the cast.  In order to sew up the tendon tears the Dr. had to remove some of the connective tissue between the bone and the tendon, which needs to heal. At least it's festive!

Here is the 4 screws and the plate, all washed up and out of his ankle.

We are thankful we aren't flying this Christmas and had sadly admitted it would be hard to go to the planned Bronco game on Dec 26th.  After a couple days of wallowing, which was easier since I had to be in Phoenix Tues/Wed, Joe has risen to his normal good attitude.  He had graciously said I should ski as much as I can since it's already a good snow season.  We'll see what that means.  :)

For those that like the yucky pictures, there is a scar just like this on the other side of his foot.  :) I think he was just worried the scar wouldn't be impressive enough only being cut once.

Thanks to our friends for the wonderful support, help and good wishes.

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  1. Wow! I wasn't prepared to be disabled again for three more weeks. I did take advantage of Christine's 2-day business trip to Phoenix to throw myself a pity party. This is just so very hard for me: being incapacitated and incredibly helpless. Christine nurses me with such good care--she deserves for me to be a better patient. I will pray that these three weeks fly by like the wind.